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Welcome To Our Website

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to promote black women entrepreneurs through this website and black women authors through We achieve this mission using a combination of tools and services including but not limited to: social media posts, flyer posts, press releases, search engine marketing, and more.

Let's face it, marketing a website is an investment, depending on the keywords chosen and demographics, it could get a little expensive. This is where we help and assist you. Think of these websites as digital malls where a lot of vendors share in the exposure.

It cost you nothing to test our service, just follow us on these social media platforms. Twitter - FB - IG - Linkedin

What's On This Website

  1. A Social Exchange page that combines some Black Women Authors and Black Women Entrepreneurs.
  2. A list of black colleges.
  3. A list of some historical black queens.
  4. Info by industry professional on "Health, Finances, Education, Business".
  5. Domestic Violence shelters throughout the country.
  6. A Political view by some of the best black women journalist in the industry.
  7. Some video presentations from our entrepreneurs and authors.
  8. Free stock images compiled periodically for your use.
  9. Links to every new automobile manufacturers (the webmaster insisted on adding this)

What's Not On This Website

  1. Chat rooms.
  2. Offensive or negative material websites or links.
  3. Links to offensive articles or material.
  4. Gossip or rumor articles.
  5. Our political opinion.

Special Things We Do

  1. A song of the day around 7p each day except Sundays must follow us on Twitter - FB or Linkedin.
  2. Scan the internet for positive stories and images of Positive Black Women.
  3. Post a unique picture each Sunday morning of black women.
  4. Create unique holiday graphics to enhance our posts.
  5. Monitor your social media account for events to post.

What Will We Do For Your Book or Website?

  1. Gather information from your social media account to promote throughout our network.
  2. Create custom graphics to promote your book or website throughout each week.
  3. Create special holiday graphics to promote your book or website throughout our network.
  4. Combine new, best selling and famous authors and entrepreneurs to increase your exposure.
  5. We will create special small ads to promote your book or website.
  6. Plus so much more on a routine basis.

Our Unique Features

  1. Social media posting.
  2. Immediate increased consistent exposure.
  3. Enhancement to your current posting activity.
  4. Listing for your website/blog.
  5. Custom graphics creations from your website screenshot.
  6. Featured Individual page with your website and description.
  7. Video presentation listing to describe your website.

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Important COVID-19 Message

As reported on all media outlets, the COVID-19 virus is spreading at an alarming rate. Our company operates in a virtual on-line office environment. We do not physically come in contact with our clients. 

Our work schedule is not affected by the current COVID-19 virus restrictions.

Thank you for your attention!

George D.