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Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to promote black women entrepreneurs through this website and black women authors through We achieve this mission using a combination of tools and services including but not limited to: social media posts, flyer posts, press releases, search engine marketing, and more.

It costs you nothing to test our service. Just follow us on these social media platforms. Twitter - IG - Linkedin we will find you, create a simple graphic from your website or book, and prepare a posts on twitter.

The services on this website are completed by a team of professionals that started in 1996. This website was created in 2018 by that team in order to provide these internet services.

What's On This Website:

  1. Compiled list of black colleges.
  2. Samples of some press releases and articles.
  3. Samples of some custom graphics.
  4. Compiled list of videos of our first black Vice President, updated weekly.
  5. A sample of some reactions form our LinkedIn posts.
  6. A sponsored page of Domestic Violence info.
  7. A compiled list of videos form the 2018 womens march.
  8. A list of auto manufacturers.
  9. A list of videos from some women entrepreneurs.

How Does PositiveBlackSisters Work?

The platform is driven by the goal to promote black women entrepreneurs online. This involves the use of a wide range of promotional services including:

  • Social media posts
  • Press releases
  • Flyer posts
  • SEO

There are affordable plans for black women authors and entrepreneurs that include Twitter Management, Graphics Creation, Custom Landing Pages, Press Releases, Website Listings, Social Media Promotions, and more. All the marketing services are provided by a team that has been working together since 1996.

More than Just Digital Marketing

PositiveBlackSisters offers much more than what your standard digital marketing agency will offer. Special initiatives are taken to provide an extra edge to black women entrepreneurs. Some of these additional steps include:

  • Discovering and promoting positive and inspiring stories of black women entrepreneurs
  • Special themed picture posts on Sundays
  • Special holiday Graphics Creation to boost the posts
  • Create articles and press releases to make key announcements

Perfect Platform for Promoting Black Sisters

The black community is teeming with talent in every field. The right exposure is all that is needed to help them gain the name they deserve. PositiveBlackSisters is a platform for bright minds in the field of entrepreneurship and literature to reach out to their target audience. Whether it is for Book Promotions or business promotions, there are special marketing programs for black sisters to reach out with their message.

You may be an author of any genre including romance, fiction, or non-fiction, you can promote your work, generate readership, and build your brand with the help of the platform. Black women entrepreneurs can find here all the support they need to succeed. Right information, inspiration, and support are essential success factors for authors and businesswomen.

Benefit from High-Authority Presence

All this information makes PositiveBlackSisters an info-rich, high-authority platform for promoting the brand of black women authors and entrepreneurs. Everyone can benefit from the exposure they can gain by leveraging the reach of this platform. From social media to search engines, it helps build a brand presence across multiple online platforms.

In this digital age, talented black women can benefit from all the help they can get. PositiveBlackSisters is ideally matched to the unique requirements that bright-minded black women have for promoting their talent. For more information feel free to write to the team.

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