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GetAOnePageWebsite: A Website Designing Service Aims to Help All Small Businesses Go Online

January 8, 2020: There are still millions of businesses and professionals who continue to work without a proper online presence. Most of them don’t even have a website in place. While many contemplate about setting up one, price and other limitations prevent them from taking the step. This is where is making things simpler and affordable for everyone. Anyone can now set up One page websites with utmost ease and without spending thousands of dollars.

Affordable Single Page Sites

The company’s spokesperson elaborated on how their Affordable one page websites are changing the game across the online landscape, “We can still find a big percentage of businesses operating without a website. When we reached out to these companies and ran a survey, we found that price was a big factor.”

Even today, a third of small businesses in the United States don’t have a website. And 58% of these companies desire to create a website. The thought of spending thousands on a multipage site has always been a concern for most of these companies.

“At GetAOnePageWebsite, we are focused on eliminating that single limiting factor – price. A one page website can be designed and set up for just a fraction of what a small business spends on its overall marketing every year,” the spokesperson added.

What Does a Single Page Website Include?

The company is offering two different packages for anyone to have their One page websites. Some of the key features the plans include a consultation, responsive layout, 1-year hosting, social media integration, complete copy of the project, and SSL certificate.

“Our basic plan starts from just $200. We have set the prices for Affordable landing pages keeping in mind the limitations of entry in the minds of most small business owners,” the spokesperson explained the pricing.

A typical website with multiple pages takes thousands of dollars to design and build from scratch. Website designing and development can be a complex and time-consuming task even in this age. Companies have to spend tens of hours communicating with their web designers  to get the exact custom results.

GetAOnePageWebsite seems to have addressed the right issue that has been affecting this sector for years. The Internet revolution began more than two decades ago. Still a significant percentage of businesses have not taken the leap into the online domain. This company can apparently address this problem to a certain extent with its Affordable one page websites.
For more information, it is recommended to contact the company representative directly.

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