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Photography By Amelia Design @AmeliaDesign1

Photography By Amelia Design

It started at the age of 6...

After months of begging, Amelia’s father finally allowed her to press the shutter button on his Nikon. Photo taking was a weekly event for the family, especially on Sunday, which was family day. These days consisted of morning mass, a homecooked family meal, and a trip to the park, zoo, or any special attraction in the city. No matter what activities were chosen, it was documented through photographs. "As a child, I was marveled at the notion that you can stop time to revisit a specific time, place, and emotion in the future," says Amelia. “Photography is a medium that allowed it.”

Fashion Model to Photographer...

In addition to photography, Amelia admired fashion. Coming from three generations of seamstresses, you can say it's in her DNA. She learned about fabric textures, design, and style at an early age. Her mother, a pattern maker and seamstress, made most of her childhood clothes. Her father, stylish in his own right, instilled in her the importance of looking your best. "Image is everything," her father taught. When a photographer suggested she should become a fashion model, Amelia ran to the opportunity and from the age of 17 to 37, Amelia graced the runway stages and fashion houses in New Orleans, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and eventually Atlanta.


Amelia is a Fashion, Portraits and Event photographer based in Atlanta. Her creative images have been featured in publications such as Sheen Magazine, I am JMariie, Heavy Rotation, and Rolling Out Magazine. She has exhibited her images at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta Fulton County Public Library, Hammonds House Museum, and other local businesses.

Amelia studied from the same photographers that photographed her during her twenty-year modeling career. She holds a MBA in Marketing, a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Amelia frequents photographic workshops and discussions with other professional photographers to continue her growth as an artist. Plus, a long time member of Sistagraphy, a collective of African-American female photographers.

With a contemporary approach, Amelia strives to make timeless images. "Forget about the typical ‘smile.’ I look to capture the essence of each person." Her work is a mixture of editorial, artful, and creative portraiture. Her studio, located in Hampton, serves as a place for private shooting, but Amelia prefers to use natural lighting and backgrounds to capture one’s true essence. The option of Studio and Natural Lighting are available for any services. Each photo session is informal, relaxing, and unique. Clients will feel at ease as you receive gentle directions to compose natural poses that capture the real you.

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