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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to promote black women entrepreneurs through this website and black women authors through We achieve this mission using a combination of tools and services including but not limited to: social media posts, flyer posts, press releases, search engine marketing, and more. Let's face it, marketing a website is an investment, depending on the keywords chosen and demographics, it could get a little expensive. This is where we help and assist you. Think of these websites as a digital mall where a lot of vendors share in the exposure of the main vendor. Of course we can offer individual marketing services to those who want to gain more exposure and site traffic.

Existing Black Women Business Owners

Your website or blog is your pathway to reach out to the world with what you have to offer. But it is important that your site gets found. This platform provides the opportunity for promoting your website/blog/book. Entrepreneurs can share links to their sites along with insightful screen-shots that provide your target audience a picture of what you have to offer.

As the world becomes an increasingly competitive place, women of color need the right platform to promote their business. Today’s Positive black entrepreneurs are energetic and full of innovative ideas. Each week we scan the internet looking for interesting books and websites to be included in our network. We submit our findings to our webmaster and he does his magic.

black female websites

Who Are We ?

Positive black sisters consists of some wonderful ladies from the Bahamas and Miami that provides content ideas. They team up with, a professional web developer and marketing veteran of over 22 years to promote both websites throughout the internet. Coming off the major success of which was one of the only websites to completely archive every news article about the events of that case. Simply put, we are owned by a black man who's goal is to promote black women.

In addition, we partner with industry professionals to provide web and marketing related services. These partners include, but are not limited to: Adobe, Constant Contact, BigCommerce, Vista Print, GoDaddy, iStockPhoto, Elegant Themes and Apple.

black female websites

Where Are We Located?

Everyone knows that the internet is now global, with an iPad in hand, you can pretty much run a lot of your small business operations from anywhere in the world. The morning content for both websites comes via email from the Bahamas, Miami and California. Our webmaster is located in Middle Georgia, he puts it all together. It's not unusual for him to show up in the Bahamas, Miami or California with both a laptop and iPad ready to work.

black female websites

From Websites to Books to Self-Help Guides

“There are many Black Woman websites providing wide range of information, links and chat rooms. Here, we are focusing on all the female entrepreneurs who have not been able to gain exposure. And we have gone beyond and provided more information to help the community,” the spokesperson added. also provides information and links to books published by Positive black women. There are links to new car websites and detailed information about credit, health and business. The goal here is to help all women in the community to reach out to the world and get known while also being able to get valuable information to help them succeed in their fields.
This website goes beyond the score of chats and recipes, and wants to help Positive black sisters spread their positivity. For more information about the website and getting your website listed here, it is recommended to contact the representative.

black female websites

What We Offer For Free?

  1. Just follow us on any of our social media platforms (twitter, facebook, linkedIn), we’ll find you. We'll schedule a few posts for you. If you like our service, sign up for our site listing services from just $10.00 a month or $0.33 a day. There are no contracts, cancel anytime.

Benefits Of Our Websites

Positive Black Sisters Website

  1. Daily/Weekly Social media posting of your website.
  2. Featured Individual page with your website and description. - samples
  3. Special front page listing.
  4. Social Exchange listing for your website.
  5. Your page included with our website marketing activities.

How We Prepare/List Your Website

  1. We visit website, take a screen shot and obtain link
  2. Resize it in Photoshop
  3. Optimize the image to make it load fast
  4. Add it to our websites
  5. Gather any twitter handle for promotions.

Black Women Authors Website

  1. Daily/Weekly Social media posting of your website.
  2. Featured Authors page with your books, bio. - samples
  3. Your page included with our website marketing activities.
  4. Enhance your Amazon, Barnes and noble, website, etc. listing.
  5. No charge to add new titles as they become available.
  6. Social Exchange listing for those authors that have a website.

How We Prepare/List Your Book

  1. We visit the store or website where it’s available, take a screen shot
  2. Resize it in Photoshop
  3. Optimize the image to make it as small as possible
  4. Add it to our websites along with a link to the store
  5. Gather any twitter handle for promotions.

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