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Denise Turney’s New Book Escaping Toward Freedom is a Thriller to Keep You Glued to Your Seat

Black Women Authors have really carved a niche for themselves over the past few years in the fiction domain. Denise Turney is one such name that stands out from the crowd. The digital revolution has especially played an instrumental role in the success of this crop of writers.

Turney’s latest work is Escaping Toward Freedom and covers a hotly debated global topic – human trafficking. The Ethnic Womens Fiction writer takes you on a thriller journey of a former Navy specialist and four teens, as the former tries to protect the latter and help them return to a life of normalcy, love, and safety.

Escaping Toward Freedom

Denise Turney’s latest work, Escaping Toward Freedom is one of those African American Books that will keep you glued to your seat as your float through the waves of ups and downs that this thriller throws at your every now and then.

Clarissa Maxwell is the protagonist of the story. And this is the story of her and four teens whom she stumbles across during her vacation in the North Georgia countryside. The story begins with Clarissa, who is currently a writer and is on her routine annual vacation in the northern hilly region of Georgia.
She is a former Navy specialist and continues to have connections with her former military special forces. This year she returns to her favorite cabin, deep in the woods with the goal of writing a grand novel that should set her finances up, as last year all she could achieve was to write a few short stories. As she attempts to find her novel’s inspiration around the countryside, she is stunned to come across a girl hiding around her cabin.

The sight of the trembling girl sends all of Clarissa’s plans out of the window, as her military instincts kick in and she embarks on a mission to save the girl. The contact with the girl takes both of them on a journey of dangers and mystery, as three more teens become part of a perilous chase.

What Makes the Story So Gripping?

The African American Christian Fiction writer has infused the story with enough action and mystery to keep the readers glued to the storyline until the end. The main characters in the story have no other option but to escape toward freedom. There is no way they can make any mistakes, the stakes are very high, and there is no way back. It is also a test of Clarissa’s capabilities in saving all the girls.

Turney’s Inspiration

The Ethnic Womens Fiction writer found her inspiration for Escaping Toward Freedom from the real-world problem of human trafficking. This book is also an effort to shed light on this human tragedy that doesn’t get the attention and remedy it should. The book may also serve as an inspiration to those who come across this problem in their life and find the courage to take a stand against it.
Turney has already proven herself as a masterful storyteller and this novel is set to take her image to the next level. Escaping Toward Freedom is available on Amazon and Chistell Publishing’s official website. For more information on the book or author, feel free to contact.