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Add Sheen And Shine To Your Achievements With Positiveblacksisters.Com
Today the whole world is proud to see Madam Kamala Harris as the first woman of colour to hold the office of the VP of USA. She is the ultimate epitome of what positive black women can achieve. While she has risen to unprecedented heights, several other black women too have achieved successes in their chosen fields. From sports to entrepreneurship, from writing to law, economics, medicine, engineering and in several other fields, women of colour are making a mark.
However, we also live in a world of promotion where unless your skills are highlighted appropriately, you do not get the right exposure. This is the mission of Using an effective combination of press releases, flyer posts, SEO skills, social media content management etc., they help to promote black women writers and entrepreneurs.
The vision is simple. Website marketing is expensive, as it requires specific skillsets. By easing out this burden, this website helps black women entrepreneurs to achieve more and gain more recognition. Opting for the services offered by this website will help you gain several advantages like:

  • Lowered costs: The monthly investment for availing their services is quite low and thus, affordable. They maintain a regular Twitter account. If you are not sure of how you will be benefitted by associating with them, just follow their Twitter account religiously for some time. This will enable you to:
    • Test the services they offer and
    • See first-hand how they can help you gain exposure to achieve your goals and objectives.

No hidden fees, no contracts, this website gives you the option to opt-out from availing their services anytime you want.

  • Marketing techniques adopted: Website marketing requires content management, keyword selection, social media monitoring etc. While several website development companies offer the same, the prices they ask for are high. For a budding entrepreneur, this might not be a viable financial option. Opting for the website will:
    • Ensure you get ample social media exposure through website marketing,
    • Allow you to take advantage of the vast fan following they have across all search engines worldwide,
    • By posting an inordinately high number of well-written, interesting, informative SEO oriented articles and blogs, they successfully drive web traffic thereby ensuring exposure and success of black women business owners, writers, authors etc.
  • Increase in sales: Because of these website marketing techniques adopted, your company, start-up or venture would see a definite increase in the volume of sales. Some business-specific marketing tactics they adopt to provide personalised services are:
    • Creating business-specific unique and creative content using product image variations on your Twitter, IG and LinkedIn accounts,
    • Regularly posting content containing links that lead directly to your website, thereby driving web traffic and generating leads,
    • Having a featured page will enable you to post video testimonials,
    • Reviewing websites of the positive black sisters they promote and creating targeted and impactful ads to ensure better audience engagement.
    • By offering additional marketing help at affordable prices etc.

The idea of this website was conceptualised in the year 2001 by Mr George Donathan, a well-known professional webmaster with over 25years of online experience. . However, due to some snags, it could not be launched along with the website for Positive Black brothers. However, he revived the concept again in 2018 and launched the website with the help of his female relatives. It went on to become so popular that he had to add the Black Womans Authors section to it. Today, this Black man owned website has become the gateway for Black women in business and black women authors to reach out to the world and ride to victory.