‘Build Businesses for the Cash Flow,’ Says Repeat Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs tend to become emotionally entwined with their businesses. “It’s my baby,” an entrepreneur might say when describing his company. He may speak of “growing his baby” or “protecting his baby.”

But not Rohan Gilkes.

“There’s no emotion,” he told me. “I have no babies. I build businesses for the cash flow. If someone approaches me and says, ‘[Here’s the number] I’ll give you,’ I’ll calculate it. If it works out from a mathematical standpoint, then I sell it. It’s all based on the metrics and the data.”

Gilkes’ success speaks for itself. Wet Shave Club, a subscription business, he founded and then sold. Launch27, a SaaS platform for service businesses, he founded and sold. Maids in Black, an on-demand cleaning provider, he founded with $450 and still owns — with revenue exceeding $15 million.

He and I recently discussed his journey. What follows is our entire audio conversation and a transcript, edited for length and clarity.

Original article here.

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