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Farah Cocoa Brown @cocoabrown22

The Cocoa Brown Collection was founded and created by Actress and Comedian, Cocoa Brown. As a single mother of one, Ms. Brown desired to create not only multiple streams of income, but also, a way to give back to women across the world by uplifting and empowering them through her brand.

As she transitions between sweats to ballgowns and is constantly traveling and performing around the world, there were things that she found luxurious and convenient, including but not limited to; lashes, heels, and hair. So, Ms. Brown decided to create a collection of her own that catered to those wants and desires.

 After working with organizations like the Lupus Foundation, The Breast Cancer Association, AARP, and The American Diabetes Association, she realized that the need for lashes and hair extensions and/or wigs were essential for Lupus and Cancer Survivors, after experiencing hair loss. This inspired her to partner with fellow woman entrepreneurs to create the CBC, as well as, her nonprofit organization, Wigs of Love, as a one stop shop for beauty and comfort.

In the words of Ms. Brown, “As my grandmother use to say, every lady always look good no matter what she’s going through… Bottom line, I wanted to help women feel beautiful and give them an ability to step into a room with confidence and pride despite what they’re going through. They’re still here and They’re still beautiful.”

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