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Quick Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Summary Of Our Posting and Site Listing Services

Our team has been providing affordable marketing, search engine listing and SEO marketing services to small online businesses since 1996. We use this experience to promote Positive Black Sisters and Black Women Authors. You need to engage with new visitors on a daily basis. Create small simple ads about your book or website and post this information on social media. Don't just rely on online bookstores to sell your book, YOU have to sell your book.

Fact - You need constant exposure to get traffic or views in order to get sales. It’s a simple concept, but not so simple in execution. Most people respond to ads, posts or logos they see often on the internet.

We provide you with constant exposure through creative ads and custom graphics posted through our social network. You have the option of having us post to your twitter account.

We use twitter as our main social media platform for posting. Of course we also post on IG and Linkedin.

As an entrepreneur, you must understand that having a presence on Twitter is a must now. Twitter is noteworthy for any individual or business searching to expand its social reach. Retweeting reaches potential clients far outside your normal marketing means. This ultimately adds credibility to your company and spreads your message to previously untapped areas.

It’s crucial that you post consistently on your Twitter account. But if you’re busy developing content, it’s not always easy to be constantly tweeting and creating content.

Our services offers Twitter posting which makes it easier to be active on Twitter, even when you are busy.

We use the following websites for our site listing services.

For Entrepreneurs

For Authors

PLEASE NOTE: We do not promote anything that is sexually or verbally explicit. (This includes events, books, films, music, etc). In addition, we don't post any political opinions, only political books by black woman authors.

What exactly do you do for my website and/or book?:

  • Provide immediate exposure for your book or website.
  • Create engaging content with unique image variations of your book or website.
  • Post engaging content about your website or book either through our network or your network.

Will this service increase my sales?

  • No company can guarantee to increase your sales as sales depends on the individual interaction between visitor and author/entrepreneur. Increased exposure is what we offer. This service will increase your exposure through repetitive posting, creative content and introduce your product or service to new visitors on a weekly basis. This increased exposure should increase your visitors that should increase your sales.
  • Our services provides you with increased exposure, usually the same day your book or website is posted through our network.

Did I need to have a social media account?

  • No, you don’t need to have a social media account initially. However, we recommend that you at least have a twitter account. This will let you monitor our activities. We will assist you in signing up for a twitter account.

Where does the content come from that you post?:

  • The 1st option is to gather the content from you and/or your website.
  • The 2nd option is to create content based on your industry.
  • The 3rd option is by creating a 500 word search engine optimized press release or article about your company, then select content to post.

How often do you post to social media?:

  • We post on average a total about 10-20 times a day. This includes posts about business, health, PSA info as well as direct posting about our authors and entrepreneurs. We use professional stats software to monitor likes/visits/re-tweets, adjust our posts as needed. Here is a sample of some of the reactions we receive through our network.
  • We also adjust the posts for different times and days to maximize your exposure.

How often do you post about my book or website?:

  • Generally, we upload 5-7 times a week through Twitter - IG - Linkedin. This specifically includes customized tweets to help develop your potential brand on Twitter

What additional content is on this website?

What are "custom graphics" ?

  • These are graphics used to promote you or your business. we take a screen shot of your website and create attractive graphics for use for posting or for your e-mail or social media correspondences. A couple of samples are on this page below.
Can I add my videos or testimonials? What payment methods do you take?
  • To keep things simple, we process all payments through papal. You can use any major credit card, debit card or a PayPal account.
How do I get started?
  • Contact us with any additional questions you may have and/or visit our pricing info above, and we'll take it from there.
I have a couple additional questions, do you offer free consultations?

Do you offer any additional marketing assistance?

  • Yes, contact us for a quote and/or additional information.
Does this website reach a national audience?
  • Yes, because we are currently listed on the 1st page of Google and yahoo, you will share our national exposure.

Is there a contract?

  • Our site listing services are provided on a month to month basis, there are no contracts, you can cancel anytime.
How do people find Positive Black Sisters and Black Womens Authors?
  • Through social media, press releases and the major search engines.

What happens after I sign up?

  • We’ll send you a brief questionnaire where you can fill in all the necessary data required to get started. It’s all very easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Our services will begin within 24 - 48 hours!

Summary Of Our Benefits

We Enhance These Often

Benefits Of Positive Black Sisters - Black Women Authors

  1. Immediate Increased Exposure using custom created posts through either our social media network.

  2. Enhancement to your current posting activity. 

  3. Enhance your Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and noble, etc. listing.

  4. Featured Individual or with your social media links and description. A few sample pages include: Sheryl Underwood, Angela Marshall, Marsha Warfield.

  5. Featured Authors page for your current books with bio. A few sample pages include: Denise Turney, Dr Angelise Rouse, Lorisa Bates, LC Renie.

  6. Video presentation listing to describe your website or book.

  7. A special holiday graphic is created for New Year’s, Easter, Valentines, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Video Displays

A Few Samples..The First One We Created With Audio

Author/Book Display

A Few Samples

A Few Joint Websites

These Are Postings Where We Combine 2 Websites

A Few Joint Books

These Are Postings Where We Combine 2 Books

Holiday Graphics 1

A Few Samples

Holiday Graphics 2

A Few Samples

Holiday Graphics 3

A Few Samples

Additional Sample Graphics 1

Just A Few

Additional Sample Graphics 2

Just A Few


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