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This Web Site Was Created For One Main Purpose

To provide a portal to promote websites and blogs of lady entrepreneurs of color(black women). There are a lot of other websites that have some valuable information, chat rooms, links, etc. We decided that we wanted to showcase those lady entrepreneurs that may not otherwise get any exposure besides their social media accounts. Our niche is very simple, we want to promote black women entrepreneurs through this website and black women authors through

It costs you nothing for a sample of how we can promote your book or website, just follow us on any of our social media platforms (twitter, facebook, linkedIn) and we’ll find you. If you like the additional exposure we provide, you can sign up for our site listing services here.

Benefits Of Our Websites

Positive Black Sisters

  1. Featured Individual page with your website and description.
  2. Enhance your current website listing.
  3. Your page included with our website marketing activities.
  4. Daily, Weekly Social media posting of your website.
  5. Social Exchange listing for your website.

Black Women Authors

  1. Featured Authors page with your books, bio.
  2. Additional links to other online bookstores that carry your book.
  3. Daily, Weekly Social media posting of your book.
  4. Your page included with our website marketing activities.
  5. Enhance your Amazon, Barnes and noble, website, etc. listing.
  6. Automatically add new titles as they become available.
  7. Social Exchange listing for those authors that have a website.

How We Prepare/List Your Website

  1. We visit website, take a screen shot and obtain link
  2. Resize it in Photoshop
  3. Optimize the image to make it load fast
  4. Add it to our websites
  5. Gather any twitter handle for promotions.

Is Listing Affordable?

  1. If you want your book image and link or website image and link the option is simple, you can sign up for advanced listings and promotions from just $10.00 a month or $0.33 a day. That's probably the lowest monthly investment you have for your company.
  2. No contracts, cancel anytime.

This Is A Platform to Help Black Sisters Succeed provides a popular platform for women of color to share their websites, blogs, and business. This website also allows you to access valuable information about turning your entrepreneurial ideas into reality and finding help.

Think Of This Website As A Digital Mall

When a new mall is constructed, the developer communicates with a few anchor stores to form a base. These anchor stores are used to attract the boutique stores, visitors and ultimately paying customers. Our initial authors are our "anchor stores", additional authors are our "boutique stores". Our digital mall is marketed by our Webmaster with over 22 years of internet experience and 10 clients already on the 1st page of the major search engines.

Of course there are many other outlets for the purchase of books including your own website or blog. However, there are very few outlets that focus exclusively on a particular niche, and that niche is YOU, the black women entrepreneur.

Existing Black Women Business Owners

Your website or blog is your pathway to reach out to the world with what you have to offer. But it is important that your site gets found. This platform provides the opportunity for promoting Positive black female websites. Entrepreneurs can share links to their sites along with insightful screen-shots that provide your target audience a picture of what you have to offer.

Even Positive black authors can share their work here. Thousands of exemplary authors from the community find it hard to promote their work online or through promotional events., our sister site gives you the perfect opportunity to share the links to your books. Reach out to the community and the world without the need to spend big on marketing.

Hopeful Black Women Entrepreneurs

The black community is full of bright minds with creative ideas that can make the world a better place. Lack of information and support is one of the main reasons a significant percentage of black women are unable to turn their ideas into reality. Here you will find all the key information required to set up your startup.

Creating a solid, all-comprehensive business plan is the most important to starting company. Here you are going to get the guidance and info required to create your plan to achieve success.

Our Webmaster Markets This Website Using The Following Keywords

black women entrepreneurs, black historical women, black women motivators, positive black sisters, young black women entrepreneurs.

We accomplish this mission using the following marketing and listing services through our webmaster:

  • We research keywords that the major search engines, directories and other places where books are sold to add this website to attract visitors seeking books for sale by Black Women Authors. Some of the popular search engines and directories are listed on this page.

  • We create SEO optimized press releases and articles to be distributed to the major directories. Samples of our recent press release is listed here.

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