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Marketing Analysis From Our Webmaster

This is a new service I created just for Positive Black Sisters and Black Women Authors. Since people design and develop their website using a variety of online site builders, this service basically takes the initial marketing analysis part of the marketing process needed and provide you with critical reports with recommendations so you can complete the service yourself. I supply you with an initial complete marketing analysis through a set of reports with complete explanations. After completing the recommend tasks, I supply you with 1 follow up analysis. You have the option of getting additional follow up analysis as needed.

No matter how your site was built, in order to increase your Internet exposure, you need site analysis to gather important information about your current search engine standing.

Our site analysis services are the exact same services we’ve been using to provide Search Engine Optimization and Marketing since 1996. Our tools and techniques are designed to aide in achieving one thing for anyone with a website or blog, "increasing your website or blog exposure".

Our Site analysis Services lets you track your existing marketing position, your competitors position or both. It also helps you select the best keywords, get an approximate costs for Google adwords and helps plan an effective strategy for a successful marketing campaign. Site analysis allows you to keep track of your new or existing marketing campaigns so that you can make the required changes to achieve your goals. We can keep you up-to-date with your campaign’s performance by providing regular reports.

Site Analysis Descriptions

These reports are made available as a one time, weekly or monthly service. Just click each title for a summary of these services.

Included Reports

  1. Keyword Search - This service gives helps you select the proper keywords by showing how many times a particular keyword has been search in a given month. High search count produces good keywords, A PDF sample is available.

  2. Keyword PPC Estimate - This report gives and overview of keyword efficiency and competition in PPC, A PDF sample is available.

  3. SEO Keyword Competition Details - This service gives a deep insight into the keyword efficiency and competition, A PDF sample is available

  4. Competitors Ranking - This service gives you an indication where your company is ranked on the major search engines. This is based on the keywords selected, A PDF sample is available.

  5. Current Ranking Report - This service gives you an indication where your company is ranked on the major search engines. This is based on the keywords selected, A PDF sample is available.

  6. Initial Optimization Report - The analysis of your page shows that it meets all necessary requirements to occupy a top-5 position for the given keyword. However we strongly recommend you to update the page periodically, as the majority of the search engines often shift the stale, never-changing pages away from the top positions, A PDF sample is available.

  7. Your Current Indexed Pages - This service gives you an indication of which of your pages are indexed in the major search engines, A PDF sample is available

  8. Link Popularity Report - This service shows how many websites are linked to yours, A PDF sample is available.

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