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Denise P. Isaac Releases Rhythms of Reality: A Book the World Needs in this Time of Uncertainty & Chaos

The world, contrary to expectations, is in greater disarray and chaos than what was expected decades ago. Despite all the technological and industrial revolution that it has undergone over the past few decades, it is not a better place to live than it was in the 1980s. It seems like the world needs guidance on how to live in cultural harmony. This is ideally where Denise P. Isaac’s book Rhythms of Reality: Discover the Secret to Cultural Harmony has found a place in this increasingly chaotic world.

What Does ‘Rhythms of Reality’ Hold?

Denise P. Isaac, a designated Apostle of a ministry and a former writer for the Miami-Dade Community College-Wolfson Campus newspaper, released her book Rhythms of Reality in the spring of this year. It is a treasure trove of lyrical poetry that inspires people from all cultures to grow strong and become better humans. Titled ‘Rhythms of Reality: Discover the Secret to Cultural Harmony’, the rhymed poetry in this book cover inspiring experiences from all cultures, genders, age groups, and people with different skin color.
Speaking on the book’s composition, the author’s manager said, “People are in need of mental and emotional strength more than ever. The world is a more difficult place than it was meant to be, but Denise’s latest book shows that faith in God can help overcome the challenges and give everyone the secret needed to live in harmony.”

The Book & Its Free Verse Poetry

Rhythms of Reality helps the reader discover God’s gifts of strength and peacefulness. The book has many experiences that teach people how to be fearless in their faith.
Explaining the book’s content, Denise’s spokesperson further added, “People know the importance of different virtues, but they have forgotten the ways to build them. Denise’s new book is something that everyone must read. It helps you learn how to forgive yourself and others, care for yourself, find joy in your experiences with others, be passionate in your beliefs and much more.”

About the Author

Denise P. Isaac has been writing since an early age. Besides Rhythms of Reality, she has written three more books. As a songwriter, she has published and helped with the production of one album and produced two albums independently.
As a renowned author, Founder and Apostle of a ministry, and with her contributions to the community, Denise has received several honors and accolades. This includes a Proclamation from the city of Homestead, Florida.

She holds multiple degrees, having graduated each time with honors. Besides her degrees in Christian Counseling and Human Services, he is also a Registered Nurse. She has been the founder of two ministries, a philanthropist, and a Christian, civil and social rights activist throughout her life.
The current world is in a state of constant uncertainty and chaos. Rhythms of Reality is a noble attempt from Denise, with inspiring quotes and poems meant to help overcome fear with wisdom and secrets to learn about the beauty of cultural harmony. The book is available on Amazon and is planned for release on more platforms.