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Friendship Matters: Black Women’s Fiction Novel Debuts on Amazon

Maryland: Rona D. Drinkard, an award-winning Black Women’s Fiction writer, recently released her debut novel. The book has just been listed on Amazon, being available in both paperback and Kindle versions. Friendship Matters is a captivating story that has already aroused a lot of attention and interest in literary circles. With the novel’s availability on Amazon, the novel will reach the global market.

“We are proud to have Rona’s debut work listed on Amazon,” Rona’s manager said while making the announcement. “This is one of those Timeless friendship stories that stay embedded in readers’ memories and leaves a lot of inspiration and lessons,” she claimed.

About ‘Friendship Matters’

Friendship Matters is a spicy and flashy novel that centers on the theme of the stableness of friendship. It is the story of friendship between three women. Saisha is a real estate agent and is busy with her job during the daytime. However, her nights are spent with different sorts of men. She is referred to as the ‘sassy one’ in this story, carrying her first love in her heart, yet open to new relationships.
Euniqe is the more stable character in the story. A widow and a psychotherapist who is busy raising her son, she comes across a man who seeks her attention and time. Kandace’s character falls somewhere between the other two lead characters. She has a difficult marriage, which however allows her to lead a lavish lifestyle of luxury, and keeps her clinging to the relationship.

The Womans fiction novel has a pace to it. “Friendship Matters is quite inspirational yet funny at times, keeping the reader glued to the story,” exclaims Rona’s manager. The three characters are close friends and need each other in their lives despite the dramatic differences they have.

Award-Winning Author

Rona is a multi-award winning Womans Romance Fiction author. To name a few awards, she received the 2021 Indies Today Finalist and Firebird Book Fiction Awards. She also received the 2021 Brew Readers' Choice of the Year Award Winner for Women's Fiction. In 2022, she is the NIEA Finalist and received the NIEA Juror’s Choice Award. She also won the BREW Reader’s Choice Award.

She is a Black Women’s Fiction writer and her work revolves around love, family, and friendship. Interestingly, she loves to read and watch sci-fi books and TV shows. According to her, this helps her find a break from everyday life and feeds her imagination. Octavia E. Butler is her favorite author, a science fiction writer whom she first learned about almost two decades ago. She is often reported to be contemplating a work of sci-fi as one of her next works.

With her debut work being listed on Amazon, the Black Women’s Fiction author’s debut novel will be getting global exposure. The book is already available in various stores, including the author’s website. The ebook version is available through Kindle, Apple, Nook, Scribd, KOBO, and more. Readers can access ‘Friendship Matters’ on Amazon from this link.

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