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Chocolate Royalty Announces New Products in Its Lineup
The world can always be a better place. And Chocolate Royalty is following on that principle to bring organic and healthy products to everyone’s home. The company is engaged in the sales of a wide range of wellness products for healthy skin products, body, and hair products. The brand has recently entered into new products in this segment, providing more options to enrich the lives of its target audience.

Organic Products Lineup
Sea moss and turmeric are widely popular healthy skin products in its lineup. They make excellent facial masks that smoothen the skin by reducing pores and tightening the skin. Chocolate Royalty offers this product in top quality to address the skin and beauty needs.

Another popular offering in its lineup is the organic stem cells for facials, bath, and other applications on the skin. The company spokesperson explains the benefits of this product lineup, “The antioxidant-rich product has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in preventing UV damage, promotes collagen production, and protects the skin. The result is a plump and firm skin.”

These organic body products have also been known to improve cell turnover. This helps keep fresh and new skin that gives users a youthful look. The company specializes in a wide range of other organic formulations sourced from the nature, including products with medicinal properties.

Bath Salts & Facial Scrubs
“We also offer bath salts made of naturally-sourced ingredients. Our bath salts provide an inexpensive way to ward off physical and mental health issues. They can provide relief from pains, aches, and stress. Our customers claim of many health benefits of our body products including treatment of stiff joints, muscle pain, circulation problem, skin conditions, headaches, and dry skin,” the spokesperson added.
The spokesperson further added, “Our facial scrubs are also widely popular with our customers. Regular exfoliation with the natural scrubs helps in removing ingrained dirt, improving your beauty, and in removing dead skin. It helps in revealing a smooth and softer skin.”

New Product Launches
The company’s founders, Tinya Rosita and Jamil Nicole, have recently announced the launch of a series of new products, apart from their organic products lineup, that include bracelets made from beads, waist beads, healing bracelets, custom healing necklace, incense, and more. “We are expanding our product profile,” the spokesperson said.

“We have been regularly receiving new demands and ideas from our customers. We have upgraded our product lineup to include many of those suggestions. You can see new products being still updated on our website,” the spokesperson further added.

About Chocolate Royalty
Chocolate Royalty was founded in 2018 by Tinya Rosita and Jamil Nicole. It was born out of Tinya’s desire to start her own business and her natural interest in organic products. The company offers all its products online through its website. It is regularly updating its inventory to include new organic and natural products that enrich and enhance consumer life. The brand has built a market reputation and continues to grow in its product inventory and business capital.

For more information on the company’s product lineup, shipping information, new plans, and business relationships, it is recommended to contact the representative directly.

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Chocolate Royalty
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