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GirlStemStars: A Unique Non-Profit that Brings STEM-Based Education to Young Girls in Underserved Communities

Newark - The field of education is always evolving. Educators and policymakers discover from time to time about the need for new approach and concepts to make the learning process and its benefits more effective. There is growing emphasis on the importance of integrating STEM-based education in mainstream educational programs from a very young age. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. As it has evolved, it also covers computer  STEM skill set.
STEM-based education goes beyond the basics of science, mathematics, and engineering  STEM skill set. There is a greater focus on hands-on learning, real-world application, and more comprehensive skills development. Underserved communities are still not able to get access to the concept. But one organization is working hard to ensure that black girls and youth of color from these communities don’t get left behind.

Why is STEM-Based Education Important?

According to the National Science Foundation, young children benefit in a big way from learning STEM subjects. These subjects have a huge impact on in creating the foundations for future learning. “As students step into higher education, they need skill sets that will help them succeed in the current professional and academic ecosystem,” explains the spokesperson of GirlStemStars. The non-profit organization is playing a big role in bringing STEM-based education to black girls and the young from underprivileged communities.
“These skills include social skills, media and technology, productivity, literacy, communication, and electronics  STEM skill set,” she added. “STEM education also develops the unique skills of creativity, problem solving, leadership, and critical thinking. The young children from our underserved communities have so far remained aloof from this new concept in education. While the world continues to speed away at a fast pace, we felt that certain sections of the society were being left behind. And this is where we stepped in,” the spokesperson further added.

How is GirlStemStars Making a Difference?

The non-profit organization accepts young children of color to become part of their program. They can enhance their computer  STEM skill set, engineering  STEM skill set, and in many other areas. “Ours is a camp where it is much more than just classroom lectures. We encourage idea sharing, questioning, critical thinking, and much more,” the spokesperson said.
The organization provides a conducive and supportive environment for children of different ages and abilities to create and invent. “Our students get access all the tools they require to improve their electronics and robotics  STEM skill set, something they may never be able to do otherwise,” she further added.

Educators at GirlStemStars

The organization hosts some of the most well-known and revered names from around the country as its instructors and leaders. The non-profit’s spokesperson exclaimed about the positions of their class leaders, “We are proud to have made it possible to develop engineering, robotics, computer, and electronics  STEM skill set in our students. And we are also happy that some of our educators include former mayors, councilwomen, US Congress members, hospital leaders, law enforcement officers, and NASA scientists. We feel so much more gratified when we realize that such successful people have become associated with our mission.”
GirlStemStars continues to grow in terms of funding, its curriculum, and contributing members and supporters. For more information about the organization and its efforts for young black girls and youth of color, it is recommended to directly contact the representative.
Contact Information:
6167 Jarvis Ave. #187
Newark, CA 94560


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