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KKAstar: A Company Offering Total Shipping Solutions for Your Business

Every business has unique shipping needs. Besides, these needs can vary from one order to another and from time to time. While some require Dry Van Shipping more often, they may also require FTL, Hazmat, and LTL shipping occasionally.  This is why many businesses need a versatile shipping company like KKAstar. Operating for decades and providing cross-border, long-haul, and short-haul and regional services, the company has continued to evolve. Recently, the company has launched a new website to cater to the growing needs and demands of its clients.

Versatile Truckload Solutions

Businesses keep evolving with time and so do their transportation needs. While there are many dry van shopping partners in the market, finding a versatile service truckload solutions provider that can address ever-changing needs is still a challenge.
“At KKAstar, we have evolved and developed over the decades. Our growth has allowed us to become more responsive to the versatile needs of our clients. Our services are not just limited to one scope, we also provide hazmat, FTL, and Less Than Truckload Shipping services to our clients,” exclaimed the company’s area manager.
The company offers a wide range of services, which means it has solutions for all company types and sizes, and for all industries. Some of the services it offers include pad and blanked wrap Dry Van Shipping for fragile and out-of-the-box freight, emergency shipping for peak season or irregular orders, project management, LTL shipping for loads that don’t require the full 53-foot trailer, and more.

Effective & Efficient Truckload Solutions

The company spokesperson further shed light on the services they offer by saying, “We provide unmatched access to efficient and effective truckload solutions. ¬†With decades of experience and with thousands of ongoing clients, we specialize in creating innovative solutions to assist your clients to get ahead.”
The company offers agile van truckload solutions to address different types of transportation needs. It promises track-able trailers and safe delivery. Each trucking solution is customized to meet the unique needs of clients. Its services cover any shipping distance within North America.

Nationwide Footprint & Network

When it comes to long-haul shipping, the company offers different forms of services including Drop Trailer Shipping. It has the capacity required to ensure reliable and secure transportation of goods. The combination of regional expertise and a nationwide footprint allows businesses to go wherever they need to.

Optimized Dry Van Shipping

“Our optimized Dry Van Shipping services help our clients to achieve better results. More efficient and faster supply chains are the need of the hour. We can provide capacity solutions to help you take your business forward,” the spokesperson said.
The company uses advanced tracking, tracing, and security systems. This enables real-time communication and clear visibility.
“We set the industry-standard in freight safety for our clients,” he further added. Our years of experience and time-tested processes have helped us eliminate any security loopholes within our supply chain.
KKAstar specializes in all types of shipping services including Hazmat Shipping. For more information about the company and the range of services it has to offer, contact their representative.
Contact Information:
Phone: 478-365-6574


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