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Mickens Catering

Homestead, FL - It is hard to come by a catering service in Florida that offers anytime, anywhere Soul Food Catering Services for all kinds of events. Mickens Catering Services is one of the rare few providers that has filled that gap by offering the services in a wide range of cuisines. The catering service specializes in everything from buffets to entrees to beverages and side orders and cakes and desserts.

Catering Services for All Events

The spokesperson for the Catering Services South Dade explains why and how they are different and outstanding in the services they offer, “We provide services for all kinds of events in Florida. Whether its kids’ party or a grand event, you can rely on our services where everything comes together – great food, the chef, and the kitchen.”

“Our experienced and qualified cook can visit your location to provide Soul Food Catering Homesteadservices. Have everything prepared in the presence of your guests,” the spokesperson added. The service caters to the needs of different kinds of events including anniversaries, birthday parties, and various kinds of celebrations, including formal occasions.

Versatile Services

The Catering Services Homestead Florida claims that they can also adapt to their clients’ specific needs in a number of ways. The menus can be adjusted based on the preferences and dietary considerations. “Choose between our meat buffet and rice buffet. The meat buffet can include a wide range of meats, where our clients have the option to select the barbecue type and the side dishes.” the spokesperson said. “We can also work around the budget of our guests to ensure that they have the best possible experience,” she added. 

The Soul Food Catering Services have chefs who specialize in different cuisines. The variety of foods include meats, chicken, pork, seafood, wide range of Paella dishes, appetizers, and side orders ranging from salads to soups to white rice.

Cakes & Desserts

The Catering Services South Dade allows its clients to place custom cake orders. Clients can choose from a wide range of flavors and fillings including chocolate, vanilla, banana, coco, lemon, rum, and strawberry and Dulce de Leche fillings. The custom orders further allow clients to send photos of their favorite decorations. Its desert menu is also vast and includes a wide range of options from Catalana Cream to Tres Leches to rice pudding.

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