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Basic Listing

Your basic site listing never expires if you decide to discontinue the monthly benefits of the featured listings. We just remove your featured page, but KEEP your listing on the other sections.

Setup Fees

  1. We create 4 custom graphics from your websites screen shot.
  2. We create custom individual pages as introductions to your website/blog/book
  3. This service alone is valued at over $100, but is gifted to us by our webmaster.

Site Map Inclusion

Your featured page is indexed in the major search engines, when they find us, they find you.

Books For Sale Page

We'll visit the location of your current book, take a screen shot and add it to this page.

Front Page Listing

We'll visit the location of your website/blog or current book, take a screen shot and add it to the home page of either website or both websites.

Special Holiday Graphics Created

We'll visit the location of your website/blog, take a screen shot, create a custom graphic of your website and use this for social media posting and/or provide you with a copy for your use as an attachment in emails or for your social media posting. In addition, we create special graphics for the holidays (New Years, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day)

Social Media Posting

We visit your profile, collect some basic info and add it to our social media schedule.

Featured Entrepreneurs/Authors Pages

We create a special page with a summary of your info with special graphics. These pages are added to our marketing site map which is included in our structure. When the search engines pick up our website, they pick up these pages.


Original Screenshot

Custom Graphics

Site Listing Pricing Options .....


No Contract, Cancel Anytime


No Contract, Cancel Anytime

Site Listing Definitions

Sample Custom Graphics

payments are processed securely through our parent company a BBB AAA+ Accredited Company

Custom Site Listing

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Quick Answers

What is the main advantage of the custom listing services?

  • Our custom site listing services takes the normal listing services and applies the posts directly to one or more of your social media accounts. For example, we normally posts information about your business and/or your book(s) through our network. A custom listing adds those same posts DIRECTLY to your social media feeds. In addition, it adds a press release every quarter.

Is there a contract?

  • Unlike a marketing campaign, our complete site listing services have no contracts, you can cancel anytime

How do people find these web sites?

  • Through social media, press releases and the major search engines

Will this service increase my sales?

  • This service will increase your exposure through repetitive posting, creative content and introduce your product or service to new visitors on a weekly basis.

Do you offer any additional marketing assistance?

  • Yes, contact us above for a quote and/or additional information.

Does this website reach a national audience?

  • Yes, because we are currently listed on the 1st page of Google and yahoo, you will receive national exposure.

How many books are included on the featured pages for authors?

  • We post your top 5 books linked to either your website or on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and noble, etc.

What are these "special graphics" ?

  • These are graphics used to promote you or your business. we take a screen shot of your website and create attractive graphics for use for posting or for your e-mail or social media correspondences.


Can I add my videos or testimonials?

How long does it take to see results?

  • Unlike a marketing campaign, this is a "site listing and posting" service, you should see new exposure within 24-48 hours of any posts.

What is the added benefit of a featured page?

  • All featured pages are added to our site map and made part of our site structure. This is very important because when the search engines picks up our web pages, they pick up you featured page.
  • Translation: we share our marketing exposure and activities with you.

What payment methods do you take?

  • To keep things simple, we process all payments through paypal. You can use any major credit card or a paypal account.

How do I get started?

  • You can get "site listing only" or "featured site listing". There are no contracts, cancel anytime.

I have a couple additional questions, how can I contact you?


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