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Register Your Name

The First Step To Creating Your Brand

It doesn’t matter if you plan on selling 1 book or a million, sell and promote that book under your name.

Our team has its own domain registrar supported by GoDaddy,

Step 1.

Step 2.

  • Register, pricing starts at $12.99 a year

Step 3. (Optional)

  • Contact us below to connect your name to your book - Just $30.00
  • Pay here

Benefits Of Registering Your Name

  • To Increase Your Brand
  • To Aide In The Promotion Of Your Product/Services
  • To increase your credibility
  • To prepare you for an upgrade to a landing page or multi page website
  • To provide you with major search engine exposure.

Optional Upgrades

  • A Press Release To Announce Your Book/Service
  • Upgrade To A Book or Landing Page Anytime
  • Upgrade To A Website Anytime

All Registrations Include

  • Includes Basic Privacy
  • Domain Forwarding and Masking
  • Domain Locking
  • Status Alerts
  • Auto Renew Protection

Using our company Positive Black Sisters as an example, these are not our brands.

  1. is not our brand
  2. is not our brand
  3. is not our brand
  4. is not our brand

Using our company Positive Black Sisters as an example, this is our brand.

  1. is our brand
  2. should be your brand

Examples Of Use Of Name

Linked Directly To Their Book

Quick Answers

How To Get Started

What is the pricing for this service?

Your Domain Name Registration - from $12.99

Check Availability and Register Your Name Here

Connection to your book or profile - $30.00 - Pay Here Only After Name Is Registered

Optional Upgraded "Book Page"

  • A Nice Page Showcasing your Book/Service
  • A 500 Word Press Release To Announce Your Page
  • Background Video
  • Details Here

Who is this for?

Authors and entrepreneurs that have a social media account but had not yet created a landing page or website. This service can easily be converted to a landing page or website.

What is the immediate benefit?

Allow you to create your brand and connect it to your book on

Gather your additional questions and schedule a free 30 minute consultation to any any additional questions.

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