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Site Listing Information

We Offer The Following Free Book Listing Service

  1. Free Listing - We post information about your website or book through our social network using a text link randomly each week.

We Offer The Following Paid Listing Services

  1. Social Exchange Page - We visit your website/blog, take a screen-shot and place your it throughout our network websites.
  2. Featured Entrepreneur Page- This is a page that showcases your website.
  3. A Listing On Our Affiliate Website -
  4. 400 Word Article/Press Release - These articles and press releases are created and used to promote you, see samples.
  5. Social Media Posting - We post a promotional message to our twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Sample Listings

  1. Featured Entrepreneur Page - see samples.
  2. 400 Word Article - see samples.
  3. 400 Word Press Release - see samples.


Do You Offer A Free Listing?

Yes we offer a free text listing, just submit your info in the pricing section and we will post your website or book for sale during our normal social media rotation.

How does this website help me?

When a person searches the major search engines and directories for any one of the keywords we are marketing (black female entrepreneurs, positive black women, black historical women, black women businesses, black women entrepreneurs, black women motivators, famous historical black women, historical black women, positive black female entrepreneurs, positive black female websites, positive black sisters), this website and all related pages comes up. Our goal is to constantly market this website so it appears on the 1st page.

Are all types of websites eligible?
No under construction, incomplete, illegal or pornographic websites or blogs allowed.

Are there any hidden fees?
No hidden fees. If you would like any of our optional services,  there will be an additional fee.

I am a black man, can I list my company on this website?
We have a separate website for you at

Which payment methods do you take?

Our preferred method is PayPal which is secure and trusted by millions (for accepting credit card or PayPal account payments).

How Long After I Submit free Listing Request Will My Website/Blog/Book Be Listed?

We ask for 24 - 48 hours on a normal weekday to visit your site.

How Long After Payment Will My Website/Blog/Book Be Listed?

We ask for 24 - 48 hours on a normal weekday to visit your site, take a screen shot and add it to our system.

How do you promote this website?

This website and every listing on it is promoted aggressively each week and each month to the major search engines and directories. This is not a one time process, this must be done often to gain and maintain top placement position.

How Do I Get Started?

You select either our free, basic or deluxe site listing service. As soon as you successfully submit payment, it will take you to a form where you submit your name, email, website and blog information. We ask for 24 -48 hours to visit your website or blog, take a screen shot and add it to our network.