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The Matchmaking DUO @MatchmakingDUO

The Matchmaking DUO

For more than a decade, “The Matchmaking DUO” have been great friends. They met while working together in Corporate America as Vice Presidents of Business Development for partnering firms. As the DUO was paired together to present to executives and successful entrepreneurs, their unique dual approach proved to be very successful in connecting with and retaining clients.

Throughout years of traveling across the country together on a weekly basis, the DUO endured many personal and professional challenges. Those profound experiences highlighted the alignment in their beliefs, morals, and values and revealed that they were just as successful in supporting and coaching others as they were in the boardroom – the perfect foundation for a dynamic partnership.

Kelli and Tana embrace their differences and attribute much of their award-winning success to the duality in their approach to business and life.

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The Matchmaking DUO


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