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Tonya GJ Prince @TonyaGJPrince -

Tonya GJ Prince

Speaker • 25yr Domestic Violence & Sexual Violence SME/Educator • Storyteller • Consultant • Author/Activist! Content creator. BOOK:

The facts are these:


Rape is extremely sensitive in the Black culture, for a multitude of valid reasons.

Rape, anxiety, depression, anger, and grief aren’t problems that Black women are “supposed” to deal with.





Rape, anxiety, depression, anger, and grief aren’t problems that Black women are allowed to deal with.

Even after decades, even after generations, our family is in the process of healing.

Every single day is a boot camp level challenge.


Today, a few members of my family courageously speak about these “things”.

But, make no mistake, we are a work in progress.

No matter which way we go, the road remains treacherous & desolate.


Even as we heal, we continue to encounter more oppression.

Nevertheless, the lessons and giant faith that you gain along the journey are absolutely worth it.

Throughout the globe, in every nation, WE are Survivors of violence, rape, and abuse.

We are every color, race, gender, and ethnicity.

Even so, for the most part, we are silenced and uncounted. was started to keep us all from remaining unstoried. Our testimonies, lessons, and stories ought to be shared with the world. This is THAT platform.

With the support of friends, family, and healers; I also founded, and


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